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Welcome to Super Scout Specialists Online! sSs! the #1 source for OEM parts for IH Scout 80-800, Scout II, Traveler, Terra, SSII, full sized Pickup, Travelall, Travelette, & Wagonmaster. Your friends here @ sSs have the best selection of Performance, Aftermarket, NOS (New Old Stock), Used and Rebuilt parts on the earth! sSs also sells parts for Medium and Heavy Duty IH Trucks. Our sales staff have over 100 years of combined experience with International Harvester Trucks.



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International Scout Encyclopedia Book NEW! 2nd edition

IN STOCK NOW~~! - In order to match your authors numbered first edition Reservations for certain numbered Books is possible. The Authors Select Books are in stock! 2nd Edition with NEW and UPDATED CONTENT -- More good news and a bonus for those who ordered from sSs (NOT Available from Amazon or anywhere else like that) Jim and I are pleased to announce that the 1000 books that we will be selling through sSs and select dealers will be numbered and these will have a special Book Plate with your special number included. A book plate like the sample shown is exclusively made by the publisher and attached to the book for us. DELIVERY SEPT 2020 - IF YOU WANT TO RESERVE A SPECIAL # NUMBERED BOOK PLEASE CALL US - FOR NUMBERS TO MATCH YOUR 1ST EDITION BELOW #200 WILL REQUIRE VERIFICATION PHOTO EMAIL, TO SHOW US THAT IS THE NUMBER YOU HAVE. You can place the order, note the number in the order notes and email Picture to (parts dept) Special Poster offer! Order one of our books and you can add on this special Scout II SSII Terra Traveler Full Sized Color Poster~ 24"X36" (From the same photo shoot as the cover!) @ half price! $19.95 retail! Also available for limited time Special Authors signed Coffee mugs and Signed Cover Poster (11"x"17")! NEW! 2 Combo packages! #1 Order 1 numbered book for your collection to put on the shelf and one non-numbered for your use and not to worry about getting it dirty! #2 The 2 Book Combo and all 3 goodies including 2 posters and the coffee mug all for a discounted price!! (for a very limited time! if you want a first edition and second edition matched set we may be able to accommodate, call us 937-525-0000)
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TRACTOR: Red Edition

This rollicking ride into machine history follows the innovators, entrepreneurs and hucksters who transformed our world with farm machines. Starting with the turn-of-the-century visionaries who saw that four wheels and a motor could replace the horse, the book moves swiftly through key early developments to cover the power farming movement of the latter part of the 20th Century—a time when major manufacturers lagged behind and independent builders and farmers began creating their own solutions with a pencil drawing and a welder. The book includes stories about the never-before-seen TX-178 engine-forward design by International Harvester in the 1970s as well as fresh insight on the creation of the Magnum and a look at early IH prototypes and several of the amazing Titan and Mogul prairie tractors. The book offers great perspective on the horsepower races of the 1960s, with new charts comparing the machines head-to-head as all the colors battled to be King of Field. The book also offers a look at never-before-published Raymond Loewy drawings, insight how John Deere took an engine concept from another green manufacturer, to the skullduggery and corporate raiding that took place in fields and back lots as company agents schemed to discover what their dirty ol’ competitors had up their sleeves. The book moves all the way up through the creation of the first tractor electronics, the merger movement of the 1980s, and the emergence of the high-technology innovations such as smart farms and auto-guidance which are changing the farm as we know it. This raucous, heartfelt book shines a light on some of the bright minds and innovative companies which emerged from the fertile fields of America’s heartland.

Red 4WD Tractors

$55.00 $45.00
As seen on the Jay Leno show! The story of the four-wheel-drive tractors built by Steiger, International Harvester, Case, and Case IH is told in dramatic fashion in this authoritative guide. Starting with the development of early four-wheel-drive systems at International Harvester, the book traces the evolution and design some of the most powerful and capable tractors of the twentieth century. With fresh detail on the 4300, 4100, Steiger-built IH tractors, and the 2+2 tractors including the Super 70 series, the book offers prototype drawings of several models--including the complete story of the never-before-published Magnum 2+2-- as well as inside stories and backroom drama that is a must for any enthusiast for farm history or tractors. Learn the complete story of Steiger tractors, which were originally designed and built in the barn of John, Douglass, and Maurice Steiger located near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. Containing interviews with more than 50 of the people who built Steiger from its humble origin to a world leader, the book traces the evolution of the lime green Steigers in engrossing detail. The book also covers the J.I. Case 4WD line in great detail. In addition, the book tells the story of how each of these significant players in the industry combined under one banner and—together—created one of the current industry-leading technologies, the Quadtrac. The modern evolution of the Steigers and the introduction of the STX Series (and more) also receive in-depth coverage. The same team that created the award-winning books Red Tractors 1958–2013 and Red Combines 1915–2015 created this book, and notable new contributors include Sherry Schaefer (editor of Heritage Iron magazine) and noted historian Jim Allen. Contributors include Sherry Schaefer, Oscar H. Will III, Jim Allen, Kenneth Updike, Todd Markle, Gregg Montgomery, Guy Fay, Martin Rickatson, Sarah Tomac, Matthias Buschmann, Jean Cointe, Michael Osweiler, and Johann Dittmer.

Red Tractors 1958-2018

$550,000.00 $45.00
The latest edition of the award-winning history of International Harvester and Case IH tractors features an all-new cover and updated content, including data and photos of every model built from 1958 all the way up to 2018, as well as in-depth information on how these tractors were designed and constructed. Red Tractors 1958–2018 is a complete reprint of Red Tractors 1958–2013 and then some! With interviews of engineers and executives, the book covers how the 40 and 60 series were created, and thoroughly covers the red tractors from the 1960s through the 1980s. The book also traces the innovations and struggles of the final days of International Harvester. The authors unearthed a treasure trove of concept drawings and photos of prototype machines to shed new light on how these tractors were created. The book includes the exciting story of the creation of the Case-IH Magnum, an innovative machine that blends some of the great engineering done by IH with the Cummins engine built by Case. The modern era of Case IH is also included, with the story of the creation of the Quadtrac as well as the entire line of tractors. With a mix of new photography of some of the most exceptional collectible models in existence along with hundreds of previously unpublished photographs, this thorough book is the most authoritative guide on red tractors ever published. Design and development history of the tractors, with first-hand accounts from the engineers and other product-development specialists at IH and Case IH More than 725 images of IH and Case IH tractors including previously unpublished concept drawings as well as images of prototypes, test mules and more Information on North American, British, German, Australian, and French models from the leading experts on red tractors